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Turbidity measurement




The turbidity measurement is an essential aid in environmental protection and process engineering for automation of industrial operations. The turbidity value of a liquid gives conclusions on substance concentrations, degree of purity and quality. In mixtures the turbidity is an ideal indicator for the determination of mixture ratios. In areas in which weak to strong turbidities with a minimum turbidity of 2000 NTU must be recorded and monitored cyclically or permanently, the turbidity measurement device is used and delivers the necessary process data. Due to the durable design and the well protected electronics, the unit can be integrated with no problem in new and existing systems.

The measurement principle is based on the so-called backscatter method, in which infrared light is emitted from a diode in the medium. A receiver diode detects reflections, which are generated from the particles found in the medium.
The electronics calculates from this the relative turbidity of the liquid and displays this in the display of the converter in %.

This method has proven itself for many years in the concentration measurement of release agent mixtures and other emulsions and thus ensures a reliable production process.

•  Separate turbidity sensor and transducer
•  Degree of cleanliness for automatic sensor cleaning
•  Sensor holder with bypass piping made of stainless steel in the
   dimensions 1 ½“ or 2“ for installations in piping
•  Sensor mounting in piping or container possible
•  Input of limit values including alarm activation
•  Color independent measurement (wave length 860nm)
•  High reproducibility: < 1% of end value
•  No influence by reflections with small nominal diameters
   or electro-polished surfaces
•  Front-flush sensor (dead-space optimized)
•  Open-circuit recognition
•  Analog measurement signal (4-20mA)
•  Design as separate unit or for integration in a system
•  Data logger with network connection (optional)